In our recent global research, more than 75% of respondents reported they expect to lose customers and skilled workers if they don’t improve their ESG and EHS performance. More than 50% struggle to collect the data they need for effective, proactive ESG and EHS programs, while fewer than 50% are confident in the quality of the data they do collect. 

For organizations lacking maturity in their ESG and EHS processes, this is only going to get worse. With regulations and stakeholder demands becoming more numerous every day, reacting to changes after they’ve started to impact your business is going to undermine many organizations.  

This e-book shows you how to measure your maturity, benchmark your performance against that of your peers and build data-supported management systems that mitigate ESG and EHS risks before they become threats. You will learn about the following: 

  • How organizations within the different maturity levels approach ESG and EHS.  
  • How to focus on specific areas to improve your ESG and EHS performance. 
  • How customers have used Intelex to enhance the maturity of their ESG and EHS systems.