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Vattenfall has taken another step forward in the planning of new nuclear reactors next to the nuclear power plant Ringhals in Sweden. Among six potential suppliers of small modular reactors (SMR), Vattenfall has decided to shortlist British Rolls-Royce SMR and American GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy for ongoing evaluation.

In parallel, Vattenfall is continuing to investigate the conditions for building large-scale reactors on the site. 

Desirée Comstedt, Head of new nuclear power at Vattenfall, said: 

“Shortlisting two potential suppliers of small modular reactors is one of several steps in our continued work towards new nuclear power on the Värö Peninsula at Ringhals. It is also a prerequisite for us to be able to continue to move forward at speed with the extensive work involved, which requires us – among other things – to submit applications for new nuclear reactors for examination by the responsible Swedish authorities.” 

The next steps will involve detailed analysis of the proposals made by the two shortlisted SMR suppliers, and then jointly producing a timetable for the option of building small modular reactors to enable new nuclear power generation on the Värö Peninsula. 

In parallel, Vattenfall will continue to investigate the conditions for building large-scale reactors. The suppliers included in the evaluation of large-scale reactors are American Westinghouse, French EDF and South Korean KHNP. 

“We haven’t made a choice of reactor technology yet. Regardless of whether we choose small modular reactors or large-scale reactors, a future investment decision will, among other things, require a reasonable risk-sharing model with the state. This is necessary to lower financing costs and thereby enable a reasonable cost for electricity production that customers are prepared to pay,” said Desirée Comstedt. 

The starting point for Vattenfall’s continued work, regardless of reactor type, is that it should be possible to have a new reactor in operation in the first half of the 2030s at the earliest.